Friday, March 4, 2011

FAQs about Cosmetology Schools

Very few people learn cosmetology by apprenticeship; the technology and product advances in cosmetology make cosmetology schools absolutely necessary for career training. A beauty school education is an investment in a career that can be flexible, fun and incredibly profitable with the right know-how.

Q. Why do people attend cosmetology schools?
A. Each state has a board that regulates the licensing of cosmetology professionals within that state in accordance with state laws. Each state’s laws are different, but education from a…

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

List of 50 Dermatology Associations

The dermatology business is dominated by physicians, but non-medical personnel who work in and operate skin care salons are increasingly involved in treatment procedures as well as the traditional spa routines.  However the field remains a medical domain and today there are professional organizations for dermatology nurses and physician assistants who work in the field.  You’ll also find an organization for individuals who make those offices function: dermatological managers and administrators.  In addition, there’s a link to a journal dedicated to discussions of medical issues and developments that are topical for dermatologists and the professionals that work with them.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Major in Cosmetology?

The job market today is very unstable. Supposedly stable companies are closing their doors, cutting back on staff or eliminating many jobs. As the economy declines, it is important to find a career that may continue to be stable and dependable. There may be a need to get haircuts. Although some areas of cosmetology may suffer in a bad economy, the truth is that most people may not neglect their beauty routine. A good hairdresser is a valuable commodity and will reap rewards from satisfied clientele. Satisfied clientele are dedicated and may provide a reliable customer base for many years.


Undergraduate Cosmetology Schools?

Cosmetology schools may typically not have undergraduate or graduate degree programs as regular universities do. The training is basically a comprehensive training geared toward providing the student with the basic knowledge to pass their state board exam along with the tools and techniques to excel in the cosmetology business. Schools are not all created equal in that the more prestigious schools that may provide a greater variety of learning and experience. Schools that are located in cities or other high fashion areas may offer more opportunities. Students at schools with top notch well known instructors can benefit from leaning the latest techniques and trends.

Graduate Level Cosmetology Schools?

Cosmetology schools may not tend to have undergraduate or graduate levels as universities do. Cosmetology schools offer training that may prepare the student to pass the state board examination to determine skill and competence in the field. The better schools may offer the latest techniques and provide skills and hands on experience that may enhance the knowledge of the student. To further skills in the cosmetology field is a very individual experience. The stylist must take the initiative to seek out the latest trends and attend fashion events and shows. Shows and seminars of the latest styles and fashions are recurring events throughout the…

Cosmetology Schools Ratings and Rankings

When searching for a cosmetology school, there are many factors to consider. These may include cost, location and reputation. It is important to find a school that is accredited and reputable. Find out if employers would consider hiring someone with a degree or certificate from that school. Talk to students and alumni to see if they are satisfied with an education from the institution. It would be helpful also to talk to professionals in the field to find out which schools are considered the best. Although cosmetology schools don’t have official rankings and ratings, there are some well known names in the business.

List of 10 Cosmetology Jobs and Career Pathways

Even with the recession, the demands for careers in cosmetology are still high. People may continue to need haircuts and beauty services. A degree is cosmetology may have a wide range of possibilities and opportunities. Reputable accredited cosmetology schools may offer courses that cover these possibilities to ensure that graduates may achieve the greatest success and growth in the salon industry.  The list of 10 cosmetology jobs and career pathways are below.

  1. Hairstylist – the hairstylist is the reason most people pursue a career in cosmetology. Hairstylists…

Tips to Apply to Cosmetology School

Cosmetology schools today are not like the cosmetology schools of yesterday. Today’s schools may offer up to date techniques, modern technology and digital teaching methods. This state-of –the-art education has attracted a growing number of students and is no longer considered a lesser sort of degree. Knowing the tips to apply to cosmetology school may help the prospective student get admission into the school of their choice.

When considering schools, it is helpful to research the different schools and be aware of their specialties. If the student feels drawn to a particular area then it would…

Pursuing Scholarship for Cosmetology Degrees

Going back to school can be a costly decision. Cosmetology school may cost thousands of dollars. It is helpful to have all of the information possible to determine a financial plan that may ensure that an education is affordable. There are many options that are available for scholarships and grants for cosmetology. Grants and scholarships may be the preferable option of assistance with tuition. These do not have to be paid back. Loans are another option, but these do have to be paid back. Although they may offer lower interest rates and may not require payment until after graduation, it is best to discover scholarship options first.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cosmetology Beauty College Scholarships And Grants

The field of cosmetology has evolved over the years. Once known as “beauty schools” schools of cosmetology have changed to keep up with the times and may include courses on hair styling, make up, manicure, skin care and in some cases massage.

Each state regulates cosmetology, establishing guidelines for courses and offering accreditation. Schools which are accredited may process financial aid while meeting state licensing requirements. Accredited schools are monitored by the National Accrediting…