Monday, February 15, 2010

Pursuing Scholarship for Cosmetology Degrees

Going back to school can be a costly decision. Cosmetology school may cost thousands of dollars. It is helpful to have all of the information possible to determine a financial plan that may ensure that an education is affordable. There are many options that are available for scholarships and grants for cosmetology. Grants and scholarships may be the preferable option of assistance with tuition. These do not have to be paid back. Loans are another option, but these do have to be paid back. Although they may offer lower interest rates and may not require payment until after graduation, it is best to discover scholarship options first.

Federal grants are available for continued education. The Pell grant is the most well known grant of this sort. This grant is available based on income. It will be necessary to contact the government agency to receive information and application procedures for this grant. It can also cover housing and other necessary needs. State and local grants and scholarships are also available. It is possible to join an online forum or online student board to research scholarships. Many of these search engines are free, but there are some that charge a fee for the service. These will provide personal assistance in procuring the best available scholarships for the student’s needs.  Local organizations also offer a variety of scholarships. The local Chamber of Commerce or library may be helpful in finding these scholarships.

The high school guidance counselor may also offer a wealth of information so scholarships. It is good to utilize all possible resources to find information. Local salons or beauty shops are also a good place to start. These salons may help fund education in return for employment after graduation. Some salons offer an internship while the student attends school. In this situation the person will be getting real life hands on experience while also attending school.

The best place to inquire about scholarships is with the school itself. Contact the financial aid department and ask for assistance with finding scholarships. Have a pen and paper handy to write down information needed and make an appointment to talk to them. Bring all documents that may be necessary. These could include tax returns, bank statements, a birth certificate, a driver’s license and pay stubs. It will be necessary to fill out the grant application packet along with salon assessment forms. Make sure everything is completed and turned in on time. Once approved, the financial aid officer will let you know how much of a scholarship is offered. Scholarships and grants can be renewed each year until graduation. It may be necessary to reapply and do the research each year as scholarships become available. Although it may seem complicated, the process will get easier with a little help and guidance.

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