Monday, February 15, 2010

List of 10 Cosmetology Jobs and Career Pathways

Even with the recession, the demands for careers in cosmetology are still high. People may continue to need haircuts and beauty services. A degree is cosmetology may have a wide range of possibilities and opportunities. Reputable accredited cosmetology schools may offer courses that cover these possibilities to ensure that graduates may achieve the greatest success and growth in the salon industry.  The list of 10 cosmetology jobs and career pathways are below.

  1. Hairstylist – the hairstylist is the reason most people pursue a career in cosmetology. Hairstylists are in high demand no matter the location. The stylist helps people to look their best. They have the knowledge of the newest fashions and latest techniques. The stylist is able to infuse their own creativity into their designs to make them unique and individual.
  2. Hair Colorist – the hair colorist is a specialized area of cosmetology. Colorists perform a variety of services including highlights, lowlights, color corrections and unique new formula mixes that can be individualized to the client.
  3. Nail Technician – Nail artists and manicurists are one of the most in demand careers today. Nail technicians do manicures, pedicures, nail wraps, gels and acrylics. They are needed in salons, spas, resorts hotels and more.
  4. Esthetician – the esthetician works to improve the health and beauty of the skin. They perform treatments such as masks, facials, hair removal, spa body treatments and more. Estheticians work in salons, spas and resorts. Some estheticians may work with surgeons to help with the aftereffects of reconstructive surgery.
  5. Makeup artist – The makeup artist has a very broad field. This can range from occasional special event make up to performance, camera ready, fashion and more. Besides working in a salon or spa, a makeup artist could work with celebrities, work in film, theatre or photo shoots.
  6. Salon Management – Cosmetology schools offer classes in salon management to prepare students to run a salon or spa. These classes include business management, retail and marketing. As hairdressers work in the field and gain experience many want to manage a salon.
  7. Business Owner – Many hairstylists choose to own their own business. This not only gives the opportunity to achieve greater financial success but also gives the flexibility to choose ones hours and have greater freedom.
  8. Manufacturer Sales Representative – Most companies choose to have licensed cosmetologist in their sales positions. There are opportunities here in marketing and sales.
  9. Image Consultant – These positions abound in the fashion arena. Department stores and other fashion related business hire those who have had training in the beauty design area for these positions.

10.  Teacher – Many experience cosmetologists enjoy the rewards and benefits of becoming instructors.

The cosmetology field offers a wide variety of career paths. There is no limit to the creativity and financial abundance that are possible through this career choice.

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