Monday, February 15, 2010

Cosmetology Schools Ratings and Rankings

When searching for a cosmetology school, there are many factors to consider. These may include cost, location and reputation. It is important to find a school that is accredited and reputable. Find out if employers would consider hiring someone with a degree or certificate from that school. Talk to students and alumni to see if they are satisfied with an education from the institution. It would be helpful also to talk to professionals in the field to find out which schools are considered the best. Although cosmetology schools don’t have official rankings and ratings, there are some well known names in the business.

Paul Mitchell schools are among the top schools in the nation. Paul Mitchell is a well known stylist in the field. Paul Mitchell has over 70,000 salons in over 40 countries. These schools are well known for their excellent reputation and dedication to quality service. Graduates from Paul Mitchell schools are sought out for their training.

Empire beauty school is one of the largest cosmetology schools in North America. It offers classes for hair, skin and nails. It is recognized as a nationally accredited school.

The Aveda Institute is a prominent and well known name in the field. This institute also has programs all over the country. They offer intensive study in the areas of hair color, hair cutting and nails technology. They also host well attended job fairs each year for new stylists.

La’James International College is one of the premier cosmetology schools in the country. For over 75 years it has been considered one of the finest schools in the country.

Regency Institute is one of the fastest growing cosmetology schools in the country. They have opened schools in many states.

Marinello Schools of Beauty are one of the largest and longest established chains of schools in the country. Established in California and Nevada these schools have a reputation for providing a quality education.

Beauty Schools of America has been dedicated to training quality professionals in the cosmetology field for over 20 years.

The International Academy of Beauty prepares students for real life with hands on training.

Wella Professionals School students not only receive training that surpasses state standards, but also are trained in the latest techniques in color, cutting, style, retail and business management.

The Milan Institute offers all of the training needed to become a stylist or cosmetology instructor.

Each state offers a wide variety of schools to choose from. Many of the schools listed about have classes in a majority of states so it is best to check a local listing for schools in your area. Finding a school that is right for you is the best way to ensure success in your cosmetology training. It is best to visit schools and compare all of the training and offerings of each school to find the best fit.

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