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Top Fifty Stylish Beauty and Makeup Blogs

Beauty blogs are everywhere lately, and with good reason: there is a whole world of products out there to choose from, and sometimes we need a little online help from the experts and the obsessed alike, to sort things out and keep us updated on the newest and the best trends around. Here, we have compiled fifty blogs that go above and beyond the call of beauty:

The Professionals

For these bloggers, beauty is more than just a hobby: it’s their career, a livelihood. They take it seriously, and they do it well. Passing down that knowledge from their years of expertise is icing on the cake.

1. We Love Beauty — Do you love beauty? Do you want the insider scoop on how to get that flawless celebrity look? Then look to the celebrity stylemakers themselves. This site is written by true beauty experts, and — when it comes to gorgeous — their tips, tricks, reviews, and shop excursions will get you there.

2. Shake Your Beauty — Tia Williams has done it all — from manning the helm at Elle and Glamour to covering trends and fashions for MTV and CNN, and from co-authoring model Iman’s acclaimed makeup book to penning award-winning novels of her own. This blog gives you beauty tips, trends, and reviews from one of the best sources on the net.

3. StyleBell — Editor Sapna Parikh is no stranger to hair: she has worked for over ten years in the industry, specializing trend analysis and product research. In her blog StyleBell, she passes her findings on to you.

4. The Makeup Girl — Lianne Farbes, a professional makeup artist with over twenty years of experience in the field, pens this highly esteemed blog which has been featured in Glamour and Woman’s Day.

5. Nail Tech Secrets — Before Christina was a wife, mother, rancher, blogger, and internet media director, she was a nail technician for eighteen years. Since 2005, she has been offering quality tips, secrets, and insight into the world of the mani/pedi.

6. Girl Paint — Guin White isn’t just your everyday skin care fanatic: she’s also a former makeup artist with over a decade of professional experience behind her. GirlPaint is a wealth of tips and tricks from a girl who’s seen it all.

7. The Beauty Brains — Beauty may only be skin deep, but The Beauty Brains take it down to the molecular level. Reading this blog won’t just make you a trendier person: its scientific answers to questions about everyday products will also make you a smarter person.

8. The Dermatology Blog — Every good cosmetologist should know a thing or two about their canvas of choice, and this blog has the goods. Dr. Benabio is a board-certified dermatologist with published articles, and here he blogs on news and tips for keeping your skin in top form.

9. Temptalia — This blog focuses a lot on the brand MAC, but spreads the love around to other brands as well. Want to know how a certain makeup brush works? Want the latest scoop on new product lines? It’s all here.

10. Makeup by Risa — Risa is a freelance makeup artist from New York. She has bold ideas and a bolder palette, and in her line of informative tutorials, she shows you how it’s done.

The Devoted

These blogs are as clever, witty, and well-written as any professional; unlike the professionals, however, these blogs were all created by a diverse group of individuals linked by one common thread — a passion for beauty. Sometimes, that passion (plus a natural flair for style) is all you need.

11. No Good For Me — Referring to itself as “your ultimate fashion mixtape,” No Good For Me draws from a variety of references (from Sassy to Spin to Paris Vogue) to report on fashion, beauty, and hipster style — with a bit of music and movies and all else pop culture tied in.

12. Clumps of Mascara — Like most 24-year-old students, Brittany is a girl with more than a passing interest in beauty. Unlike most, Brittany has channeled that interest into a fun beauty blog that also educates, enlightens, and constantly challenges stereotypes of ethnic beauty.

13. Glimmer Gloss Glow — Keri of Glimmer Gloss Glow is a self-professed “productoholic.” On her site she shares her knowledge in as many forms as possible, from articles to product reviews to YouTube tutorials.

14. Afrobella — Patrice Yursik was once a tomboy, but that all changed when she stepped behind the cosmetics counter. On Afrobella, she writes about everything from music and culture to makeup reviews and the search for the perfect hair product, and beauty across all cultures.

15. Askmewhats — Beauty questions? Ask Nikki, and she will deliver. “Thorough” is the name of the game on Askmewhats — Nikki doesn’t just test everything, she blogs her findings with painstaking detail that will leave you feeling like you tried each product yourself.

16. The Brighter Sparks — This blog is sparse on design and heavy on content, as Claire from the UK covers everything beautiful under the sun, from hairstyles to makeup to her own beautiful thoughts.

17. SugarShock — SugarShock is on a mission: that mission is to find “the next big thing” in beauty, and whether it lays in a lipstick, hair color, or the fresh face of a risk-taking celebrity, this blog is on top of it.

18. A Mom in Red High Heels — Do you ever find yourself wondering how some women balance work, children, chores, and an effortless sense of glamour? Tammy has the answers, and they involve a dash of confidence and your best pair of red high heels.

19. 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic — Christine is a high-maintenance girl searching for a quicker and more painless route to beauty. With breezy articles and drop-down tabs to every beauty topic under the sun, you can share in her newfound knowledge.

20. Beauty Addict — Are you a little obsessed with makeup? That’s okay, so is Kristen Kelly, author of Beauty Addict. Though her day job is currently as a marketing manager, by night she is one of the internet’s most successful independent beauty bloggers, where she can happily share her obsession with you.

21. Beauty Blabber — A blog for makeup lovers, with a twist — this beauty blog is green to the core, scouring the internet for the best in beauty products that keep things eco-friendly.

22. Eco*Pretty — This blog, led by writer and founder Lindsay Baron, strives to bring you reviews and recommendations on a variety of beauty products that are as easy on the environment as they are on your skin and your wallet.

23. Spoiled Pretty — Who doesn’t like to be spoiled rotten? Rising star blogger Daneen Baird does you one better, with a fun and cheeky site full of makeup tutorials, industry news, and giveaways and reviews of products that will spoil you pretty.

24. Beauty Banter — “All you need to know about beauty — and then some.” This lacey blog follows one girl’s journey through a world of fragrance and beauty.

25. Beauty is Easy — The author of Beauty is Easy describes herself as “low maintenance,” but that doesn’t mean she puts beauty on the back burner — instead, she is always looking for multipurpose, tested and approved, all-around handy products to add a little touch of glamour into a very busy life.

26. All Lacquered Up — Face makeup is fine, but what if your true passion is nail polish? That describes Michelle, accountant by day and blogger/lacquer fanatic by night. This blog has everything from interviews with industry insiders to the latest in nail trends and collections. If it has to do with fingernail beauty, you can probably find it here.

27. Glamour Cow– This site is pure slick New York style, filled daily with gorgeous makeup and style bargains. Why a cow? We don’t know, but we like it!

28. Beauty Maverick — Simply designed and beautifully written, this blog keeps up to date with beauty news, from juicy rumors to the latest trends and science.

29. Blogdorf Goodman — No, it’s not a blog directly from Bergdorf Goodman — just trends, photos, and beauty reviews from one of its biggest fans.

30. Face Candy — Kyle examines one glossy, powdery, shimmery, shiny, tasty product a day.

31. For the Love of Beauty — From one beauty obsessor to another, this blog covers trends and hot deals on makeup and all the skincare goodies you could possibly imagine.

The Syndicates

These bloggers write for the big guns. From Glam.com to the Lifetime channel, these are voices (or collectives of voices) that make themselves heard on a large scale.

32. Allure Daily Beauty Reporter Blog — A daily blog full of opinions, celebrity sightings, and tricks of the trade fresh from one of the foremost beauty magazines in print today.

33. Go Fug Yourself — This site wittily dishes on celebrity fashion victims like it’s their job — funnily enough, it IS their job. No celeb is safe from the snark.

34. Who What Wear — Who cares what celebrities were doing last night? Boring! More like, what were celebrities WEARING last night, are we right?

35. The Beauty Bloggerati — Too busy to check out multiple blogs every day, but want the best scoop on the latest in beauty trends? The Beauty Bloggerati compiles updates from several of the most celebrated beauty bloggers.

36. Hair’s the Scoop — Sure, this may be a part of the Lifetime Channel website, but this blog brings you a fierce daily mixture of celebrity style, hair how-to tricks, and fabulous new products that are not to be missed.

37. Makeup Minute — Do you only have a minute? That’s more than enough time for Makeup Minute. This blog’s reviews and how-tos keep it short and sweet so you can be out the door in a flash of beauty and newfound knowledge.

38. BellaSugar — This slick and glossy blog, part of the Sugar family, is chock full of everything a girl could want, from celeb news and fun quizzes to hot trends and life-saving makeup hints and tricks.

39. The Girls in the Beauty Department — You might already know how great Glamour magazine is for bringing you the hottest trends and how-tos from month to month. With its beauty insider blog, you can get that every day from the girls in the know!

40. GlamBlush — Self-professed “beauty product junkie” India-Jewel writes for women’s blog conglomerate Glam.com. Willing to write, wear, and test any product and any brand, this “beauty glamonista” lays out her vast knowledge and her thirst for more on this smart and fun site.

The Microbloggers

Last but not least, how could we forget the new wave of blogging? From fans to professionals, artists to producers, these beauty mainstays manage to take time out from their busy schedules to keep you informed 24/7.

41. @AskBobbiBrown — Have a beauty question? Don’t ask just anyone, ask a professional! Bobbi Brown (the savvy makeup mogul, not the singer who married Whitney Houston) has been making girls gorgeous for years, and she and her crack team of artists are refreshingly authentic and accessible.

42. @beautybanter — The official twitter page of Beauty Banter.

43. @bellasugar — Up to the minute reports from Bella Sugar.

44. @specialkalle — Face Candy’s Kyle goes on the microblog record.

45. @glamour_beauty — Get the play-by-play on daily beauty tips and news from Glamour magazine!

46. @LOREAL100 — L’Oreal Cosmetics is celebrating one hundred years in the industry. What’s in store? Tune in to twitter to find out!

47. @spoiledpretty — Stay spoiled all day, every day, with tweets from Daneen!

48. @sugarshock — Fresh beauty news and musings straight out of Canada.

49. @ULTA_Beauty — Ulta cosmetics’ official twitter. Updates on new products in-store and online, as well as discounts and free gifts!

50. @wetnwildbeauty — Remember middle school, when you first started scraping together lunch money leftovers at the drug store to explore the joys of 99-cent makeup? That makeup is still a classic, and now it has a twitter!

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