Monday, February 15, 2010

Undergraduate Cosmetology Schools?

Cosmetology schools may typically not have undergraduate or graduate degree programs as regular universities do. The training is basically a comprehensive training geared toward providing the student with the basic knowledge to pass their state board exam along with the tools and techniques to excel in the cosmetology business. Schools are not all created equal in that the more prestigious schools that may provide a greater variety of learning and experience. Schools that are located in cities or other high fashion areas may offer more opportunities. Students at schools with top notch well known instructors can benefit from leaning the latest techniques and trends.

Below are few Cosmetology schools.

The Aveda Institute also has programs countrywide. It is a prominent and well known name in the field. It is possible to study specialized areas here. They offer specialized training in hair coloring and nail art. The Aveda Institute hosts job fairs each year for new stylists. These large job fairs and show help new stylists find employment.

Paul Mitchell schools are considered the top schools nationwide. Paul Mitchell has been a famous and highly respected stylist for many years. There thousands of Paul Mitchell and Paul Mitchell associate schools available. Graduates from Paul Mitchell schools are highly desired for positions in salons.

La’James International College is also considered one of the premier cosmetology schools in the country. La’James has been established for over 50 years and has a prestigious reputation.

Empire beauty school is one of the largest cosmetology schools in the country and offers training in most states. Empire beauty schools offer a wide range of studies.

Regency Institute has opened schools in many new areas. Regency is considered one of the fastest growing cosmetology schools in the country.

Marinello Schools of Beauty has a reputation for providing a quality education. It is also one of the largest and longest established chains of schools in the country. Most of these schools are in the California and Nevada area.

Beauty Schools of America has been helping students to become cosmetologist for over 20 years. This school also has a good reputation.

The Milan Institute not only offers all of the training needed to become a stylist, but also offers training to become a cosmetology instructor.

Wella Professionals School students receive training that far surpasses state standards. Students are also are trained in the latest techniques in styling, hair color and business management.

It is good to check for the cosmetology schools in your area. Many of the schools listed have locations nationwide. Most states have very good accredited schools in the area. It is best to check with the state regulatory board to find out which schools are the best.

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