Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Major in Cosmetology?

The job market today is very unstable. Supposedly stable companies are closing their doors, cutting back on staff or eliminating many jobs. As the economy declines, it is important to find a career that may continue to be stable and dependable. There may be a need to get haircuts. Although some areas of cosmetology may suffer in a bad economy, the truth is that most people may not neglect their beauty routine. A good hairdresser is a valuable commodity and will reap rewards from satisfied clientele. Satisfied clientele are dedicated and may provide a reliable customer base for many years.

Cosmetology offers a wide range of options to consider. This could include working on nails, becoming an Esthetician, makeup artist, spa owner or teacher. A student could also specialize in one particular are of cosmetology such as becoming a color specialist. Once a student embarks on this path, it is possible that many new possibilities may open. Cosmetology offers a very creative and lucrative outlet. The stylist or makeup artist has a great deal of freedom in creating unique styles. This could include nail art or new ways to apply makeup. It is possible to become a platform artist. Stylist can go to shows and win awards and recognition for new and exciting creations. This is a career where art meets functionality. Style and glamour are never out of season.

Cosmetology is a lucrative career. A top notch salon charges a large amount for basic services and even more for coloring or perms. If a stylist is good, then the tips also can be impressive earnings. Earnings are also reaped in product sales. A good stylist will know the best product for a customer’s hair type and be able to provide that product to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. The knowledge gained in cosmetology school will help the hairdresser know the different types of hair and products that will most benefit the hair. Another option that many cosmetologists choose is to own their own salon. Cosmetology school also offers courses designed to train the student in business management or to become a business owner. Many options are available in the world of fashion for the cosmetology graduate. A degree can open many doors.

Cosmetology schools have a lot more to offer today than in years past. The industry is a growing competitive field. Schools can offer an opportunity to network and intern with top professionals and designers in the field. Modern technology provides state of the art equipment with which to learn and perfect the craft. If a person enjoys creativity and interacting with a wide range of people then cosmetology is the career for them. Cosmetology offers unlimited opportunities for those who have a passion for fashion.

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